Amazon of Europe Bike Trail

Welcome to the "Amazon of Europe Bike Trail" - an adventurous journey through extraordinary nature and cultural wealth that includes unforgettable landscapes and historical cities. Our bike path provides a unique experience, and Green Town Apartments (GT) is a proud partner of this unforgettable organization.
The European Amazon is a destination that offers a multitude of activities, from cycling along the Mura, Drava and Danube, through canoeing or kayaking to unique authentic gastronomic, natural and cultural experiences with the local population, which enriches your stay in  this destination. Available bookable offers:
• Amazon Europe cycling route
• Amazon of Europe - Unforgettable moments of culture and nature
• Canoeing on the Mura, Drava and Danube.
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Visit "Amazon Europe" as well as "Amazon Europe Hub" (AoE Hub) and Academy "Amazon of Europe" (AoE Academy).
This unforgettable adventure takes you through the Pannonian Plain, discovering unique areas like Bázakerettya and Gyékényes with its charming lake. Continues to the south, through Nagyatád and Barcs, known for their incredible thermal baths. It follows the course of the Drava River through the historic towns of Drávatamási and Szaporca, passes through the picturesque Villány-Siklós wine-growing area towards Osijek (Croatia).
The route continues through the world-famous nature park Kopački rit (Croatia), the largest inland Danube delta and home to the highest nesting density of white-tailed eagles in Europe. Then it passes into the protected area of Béda (Hungary), before reaching final destination in the city of Mohács (Hungary).

Green Town Apartments - Your oasis on the bike path

Green Town Apartments is proud to join this unforgettable journey as part of our commitment to providing superior accommodation and comfort to cyclists who explore this fascinating path. Our apartments in the heart of Sombor offer safe bicycle parking, comfortable accommodation options and a relaxing environment for cyclists who are looking for rest after an active day.

Travel photos

Take a look at some pictures showing cyclists enjoying a tour of the Danube River and the beautiful nature around Sombor. These images convey the spirit of adventure, freedom and beauty provided by the "Amazon of Europe Bike Trail". At the same time, we proudly show that we are part of this unique cycling association.
Thank you for choosing Green Town Apartments as your oasis on a cycling trip. Enjoy an unforgettable cycling experience through unexplored landscapes and cultures of the "Amazon of Europe".

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Sombor - Your cycling oasis in the heart of the European Amazon Cycling Association

Welcome to Green Town Apartments, your perfect base for exploring the magical town of Sombor and its surroundings on two wheels! Our passion for cycling and kindness to cyclists are manifested through two key segments that will make your stay with us easier. Our fleet of bikes is carefully maintained and equipped, waiting for you to try it out. Cycling is an ideal way to explore the city and its green canopy that follows you along the bike paths.

A haven for Cyclists: Sombor is proudly positioned on the route of the European Amazon Cycling Association, making it the perfect place for cycling adventures. Our apartments are not only a comfortable place to rest after driving; we are your haven for relaxation and logistics. We provide a safe space for your bicycles and all the necessary amenities for you as a cyclist. Sombor, known for its beautiful bicycle paths, has a special charm thanks to its forest of green crowns and preserved old Austro-Hungarian architecture that enlivens the city. Our location right in the city center allows you to quickly embark on a cycling adventure or explore local attractions, restaurants and cafes.

Welcome to Green Town Apartments, your oasis for cyclists in the heart of Sombor. We are ready to give you an unforgettable stay and experience of exploring the city on two wheels.

See you on the track!

Cultural manifestations

In the summer, guests of Green Town apartments can attend a unique cultural event held in the garden of the bowling center and apartments.

Green town jazz fest is traditionally held in the second half of June, a week after the famous Sombor theater marathon.

Green town jazz fest is a unique cultural manifestation where original music is intertwined with jazz standards performed by young musicians and famous jazz performers. The importance of the event is also reflected in the names of the previous performers selected by the artistic director Aleksandar Duin.

Some of the performers are Nevena Reljin, Bojana Stamenov, Vasil Hadzhimanov, Eyot, Akua Naru, Naked, Novi Sad Youth Big Band and many others.

You can see how everything looks at

What does GT Apartments Sombor offer us?

Bed and breakfast Sombor - Content of the offer

Sombor GT Apartments is a place where people stay while traveling or resting during a visit to our town of Sombor. Green Town Apartments is a building that provides accommodation and (breakfast) food services to its guests. The apartments are located near public transport, main roads and tourist attractions (Milan Konjović Gallery, National Theatre, Museum of the City of Sombor, Town Hall and the magnificent County Building) in the very center of Sombor.

Green Town Apartments include?

Apartments GT have 7 accommodation units (with a double bed) inside the hotel where the guests stay. Accommodation in our apartments offers an atmosphere with: equipped bathrooms, jacuzzi, internet, LCD TV, comfortable bed, heating and cooling ventilation system, free parking in the center of Sombor. The apartments offer bicycles for recreation during the stay, as well as a bowling alley. Inside the apartment Tisa Flower has a sauna made of cedar wood in the bedroom, an overnight stay in Tisa Flower is a royal vacation.

Bed and breakfast!

Bed and breakfast is our offer for all accommodation units of Green Town Apartments. Breakfast is served inside the Godo restaurant. A typical breakfast menu includes cereal, fruit, toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, muffins, bagels, pastries, juice, coffee, tea, milk and water. Breakfast time is from 8 am to 11 am, the restaurant offers vegetarian food for guests.

An active holiday takes on a different meaning when Sombor and cycling come together!

Sombor, a peaceful town with a rich history, located in the plain in the west of Bačka, is ready at any moment to offer a multitude of contents and activities to local and foreign tourists of all generations and affinities.

An ideal example of how you can fill your vacation with entertainment and relaxation while getting to know the city of Sombor and its surroundings, is riding a bicycle. Nowadays, when there are few jobs that do not involve spending many hours in front of a computer or some other type of screen, we all need recreation. However, the everyday lifestyle does not leave much time for physical activity, so going on vacation is an excellent opportunity to refresh the mind and body through recreation and active rest.

Known as a quiet town in the heart of the Pannonian plain, Sombor is perfect for cycling. You should definitely not miss a ride on at least one of the several beautiful cycling routes that this city has to offer.

In the first place, it can be the path on the Apatina road from the city center to the Veliki Bačka canal, where you will be accompanied by a view of the beautiful tree line and landscaped nature for almost its entire length. On the other hand, the cycling route along Bezdanski put will introduce you to the oldest street in Sombor.

Green Town apartments, located in the very heart of the city, represent the ideal starting position from which you can start your cycling adventure. As part of its offer, Green Town apartments offer you the option of renting bicycles, and the friendly staff is ready at any time to guide you to the best cycling routes and familiarize you with the surroundings, so that you can enjoy your (active) vacation through this form of recreation.