• Sunflower Room Apartmani
    The Sunflower Room is a reflection of the Backa plain, the land and one of the most beautiful flowers that grow on it.
    28.00 per night
  • Apartment Winter Apartmani
    Apartment Winter awakens the spirit of Sombor in winter, the bells of horse sledges rushing through the surrounding fields and the white roofs of Sombor covered with snow.
    35.00 per night
  • Apartment Autumn Apartmani
    Apartment Autumn
    35.00 per night
  • Apartment Spring Apartmani
    Apartment Spring has a lively and fresh feeling, waking up the feelings of enjoyment and cheerful mood. The delightful soft colors are calling for falling in love.
    35.00 per night
  • Apartment Summer Apartmani
    Apartment Summer conjures up the entire greenery of Sombor and its surroundings. It provides a good explanation to the visitor by answering the question of why Sombor is called the Green City
    35.00 per night
  • Apartment Red Poppy Apartmani
    The most luxurious apartment Red Poppy (honeymoon sweet) is a 65 square meter apartment that displays the walk of two through the fields of blooming flowers in the fields of Sombor and which arouses the spirit of love and communion.
    43.00 per night
  • Apartment Tisza Flower Apartmani
    The new luxury apartment Tisza Flower takes you to “Flowering of Tisza” - an extremely rare and beautiful natural cycle, for which this river is known and special, and every year delights nature lovers who are lucky to be in the right place at the right time
    65.00 per night